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New Years Eve in London

My grandfather James Cirino owned a 

butcher shop in Alston, Massachusetts.

Working at our family store on Saturdays

was a big adventure.

Early morning trips to the Everett Produce Market, go in to see "Joe Tomato" for this weeks order. 

Riding back to Alston, Pa would let me sit

on the motor cover between him and my

Dad in the front of his white, delivery van.

Very cool stuff for a boy.

Those days were Special.

Most of what I experienced then

you could never do again today.

Tempi Cambi,  Times Change

W. P.

The Strength Behind our Bloodline

James Cirino
Outside his butcher shop .
Sherman's Market, Alston, Ma. USA

After  surviving a heart attack, my grandfather should have retired as his

doctor advised. Being an old school

tough guy he went out one day and bought a business instead.

Mrs. Sherman could no longer run the market after loosing her husband. 

My grandfather kept Sherman's name

over the door in memory of the man

who opened the store and built the business.

Thank You Pa

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Come..... Journey with Me a While



are opportunities for new experiences.


are places to go


is getting there


is a state of mind

brought into being by 

a Love of Life 

focused by the Will 

to experience this 

Momment of living


How often will we meet

along the Path?


W. P.

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