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New Years Eve in London

My grandfather James Cirino owned a 

meat market in Allston, Massachusetts.

Working at our family store on Saturdays

was a big adventure.

Early morning trips to the Chelsea Produce Market, go in to see "Joe Tomato" for this weeks order. 

Riding back to Allston, Pa would let me sit

on the motor cover between him and my

Dad in the front of his white, delivery van.

Very cool stuff for a boy.

Allston was once a major rail hub into Boston and the location of a cattle stockyard. Within walking distance of the store was a wholesale meat processer, now the Stockyard Restaurant and up the street the other way was a hot dog factory. In those days there was sawdust

covering the floors adding to the food processing ambiance.

Those days were Special.

Most of what I experienced then

you could never do again today.

Tempi Cambi,  Times Change,

During my high school and college years I 

would work for Stop n Shop in the meat and deli departments. 

Years and miles later we would move to

Vermont and run our own Italian bakery and prepared food store called Riverside Farms Custom Baking. Italian pastry, homade pizza, made to order italian sausage. 30 years ago my wife and I were ahead of our time serving dinner for 2 and dinner for 4, heat and serve meals. Our little taste of Italy in the Northeast Kingdom.

Back in Boston I began to look back at

all we had done and began to write. As an author I hope that you will enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed writting them.

W. P.

The Strength Behind our Bloodline

James Cirino
Outside his butcher shop .
Sherman's Market, Alston, Ma. USA

After  surviving a heart attack, my grandfather should have retired as his

doctor advised. Being an old school

tough guy he went out one day and bought a business instead.

Mrs. Sherman could no longer run the market after loosing her husband. 

My grandfather kept Sherman's name

over the door in memory of the man

who opened the store and built the business.

Thank You Pa

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Come..... Journey with Me a While


I truly enjoy scoring a deal on food. 

Putting more on my table for less money.

Knowing that anyone can drop in at

my house at anytime and I can feed them.

I also enjoy spending all the money I 

saved on a great vacation and letting

someone else cook while I enjoy the scenery.

Vacations are experiences to be enjoyed.

Destinations are just places to go.

Travel is getting there.

The Journey

The Journey itself... is the reason I travel.

The Journey is  a state of mind ....

a place in and of itself  were nothing

exists but the sweetness of this moment.

What the Italians call ....


Where will we meet during the Journey?


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